Fireworks at Rilla Mill 28th October 2017

Had some great fun this evening shooting some firework shots at the Rilla Mill firework display that we attend every year, It is always a fantastic display and one I can highly recommend!

This year I decided to attempt some photography whilst enjoying the display and I must admit I am more than pleased with the results.

For those that would like to know these exposures were shot on a tripod at ISO 100 for 2.5 seconds @ 24mm / f4.

A quick tip as well, if you are shooting on a tripod and don’t have a cable release then you can use your cameras self timer option to save jogging the camera when pressing the shutter button.

Also if possible set your cameras focus to manual and get it focused on the area where the fireworks will be beforehand, this will stop the camera trying to focus for every shot, which will end up with missed and blurry images.

As always don’t hesitate to contact me for any advice or tips with your own photography.

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