The Pepper Pot

Yesterday was the last day of November and I had booked my afternoon appointment with another North coast location, Portreath. It is a good hour or so drive from where I am based and my iphone app that I spoke about in the last post had said that the weather and photo opportunities should be fair…..

As it turns out they were fair but the drive there was very rainy and not nice to drive in, often though the best photos come after a rain shower or storm as we all want some clouds in our images to alleviate that “boring photo” as we have discussed before.

Getting to Portreath is very simple and direct, finding Lighthouse Hill (it isn’t actually a Lighthouse) is easy too , then its a very short walk to the “daymark”

A daymark or a day marker is a daytime identifier for shipping, it identifies to the mariner their location during daylight hours the same as does a lighthouse at night. The Pepper Pot as it is known locally was built in 1846 and stands proudly on the cliff top.

The weather was so windy up there that I had to take great care as the cliff face is sheer. The edge had collapsed at one point and a cordon and warning had been put in place, so if you visit take GREAT CARE!

The windy weather aided in breaking the clouds up and allowing the winter afternoon sunlight to light the Pepper Pot beautifully.


The ‘Pepper Pot’

As always I try to get as many different shots as possible when at a location and here is a couple more that I captured too.


The Daymark was built in 1846

I even gave one the black and white treatment and I think it really works with the image.



As always please don’t hesitate to ask for any help or tips with your own photography and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Happy shooting.

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