On a high

Today’s adventures entailed a return trip to a very windswept location on Bodmin Moor, one that I have only been to once before and one I promised myself I would return to and capture a better sunrise of , as the first effort in April wasn’t as rewarding as my lens would have liked.

The location is Brown Willy and it is THE highest point in Cornwall , when I say I traveled to Brown Willy I use the term loosely as to get a photo of Brown Willy at sunrise I needed to be up on top of Showery Tor next to Roughtor which is the second highest peak in Cornwall and overlooks Brown Willy to the South.


Brown Willy with Showery Tor in foreground

For more information about Brown Willy check this link ,




Brown Willy in background with Showery Tor in the foreground

The journey is just short of an hour from my house and once you arrive at Roughtor car park it is a good 20 minute hike to the top of the Tor. The weather was raining all the way there and there were very strong winds which were driving the clouds Southwards and breaking them up in the process. This proved wonderful for my images as it gave way to the sunrise beyond.



Roughtor is the second highest peak in Cornwall

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much I enjoyed taking them and as always please don’t hesitate to contact me for any advice or tips with your own photography.


Happy shooting.

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