This morning I decided to stay local and go for a shot of the Moorswater viaduct at  Liskeard, it spans the valley at Moorswater carrying the Cornish mainline railway. It is 45 meters high and is 291 meters in length. The current stone viaduct was constructed in 1881. The remains of the old piers from the previous viaduct are still visible next to it.

The sky was particularly clear but there was a misty haze to the morning and the golden hour came into its own to silhouette the viaduct beautifully and highlight some of the misty patches in the air and from the heating vents from the buildings on the industrial estate below.

I got several shots but my favourite by far was this following shot of the Liskeard to Bodmin Parkway train travelling across it.


Moorswater Viaduct

As always thanks for taking the time to read my blog and don’t hesitate to contact me for any help tips or advice for your own photography.

happy shooting.

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