About me


Born and raised in a town in Hertfordshire I was always, from an early age, wanting to move to the countryside. A very good friend of mine was a natural history photographer and I used to accompany him on some of his jaunts into┬áthe countryside to photograph all sorts of wildlife and I remember even back then promising myself that one day I would get a camera. As a family we holidayed in the South West many times and like so many others we fell in love with the area, so it was of no surprise that when the opportunity arose in ’98 I moved to Cornwall and since that moment I have never once looked back! Such beautiful places to see and go to and all within a short drive or a brisk walk……




Move on a few years to 2010 and I bought my first Dslr camera.


My photography started as a hobby and although to some extent it still is , it has now developed somewhat into more of a passion of mine. I love setting my alarm the early hours┬áto drive somewhere and catch an early sunrise. There is nothing quite like the peace and tranquility of daybreak whether it be on the moors or somewhere on one of the beautiful beaches of Cornwall……….bliss!