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Alarm bells!

When you are a Landscape photographer there is one ability that you must possess. That is the ability to set your alarm at some point in the wee hours to get up and travel to the location of choice to capture the land in the best light possible.

Sometimes you can check the forecast and it will look like the perfect conditions for the “Epic” image , only to find after travelling miles in the dark to chosen location that the weatherman was completely wrong, I’m hastened to add that this is usually the case. After doing this several times you can often find yourself starting to doubt whether its even worth it. It’s at these times that a Landscape photographer absolutely must not give in to these thoughts…..

I will use an example from this weekend on my jaunt to Portwrinkle next to Whitsand bay. As usual I checked the forecast and all looked good , so I set my alarm for 5.30 am to get there with plenty of time to spare (sometimes the best colours are seen up to an hour before the sunrise and an hour after sunset). So I close my eyes and next thing I know off goes the alarm , I stumble out of my lovely warm bed and always have a glance out of the window. Can I see anything? no it’s still dark. What I am trying to look out for is if I can see stars, If I can see some here and there then that’s brilliant….but this day I couldn’t, oh well let’s go out anyway, so I quickly dress and neck a mug of coffee, grab my gear and I’m out of the door.

I arrive at said location with plenty of time to kill, but look at the sky only to realise that it is perfectly clear above me and looking to the East there is a bank of thick solid grey clouds as far as the eye could see, this was NOT GOOD!


The outlook wasn’t hopeful

But being ever hopeful I decided to set up and try to get some “moody” shots of the sea with some long exposure photography. I then looked at my watch and realised that the sun had¬†actually risen now but was unfortunately, for my lens, still behind the thick bank of cloud.

Shall I just go home for a Bacon sandwich now?? Nah I’ll just hang on a few more minutes, I can browse on my phone check emails check the news………..Well , literally 2 minutes later I glanced up and wow! there was my photo!!


Portwrinkle looking East towards the Ramehead peninsula

This just goes to prove that sometimes, well most of the¬†time, patience and perseverance are what’s needed to get that photo!

Happy snapping!