A new addition

As many of my friends know I have spent a lot of time photographing our apprentice at work……….before you judge me he knows I am taking pictures of him…….I think I’d better start again!

About 18 months ago we had a young apprentice start at the place where I work, he’s a nice lad called Billy Reeves, I got chatting to him as you do to your colleagues and found out that his favourite activity outside of work was riding his BMX , so he showed me a few clips on YouTube and I was pretty taken back at how good he was and this is why I have ended up taking a lot of photos of him doing his thing on the ramps.

Moving along to the point, young Billy bought himself a GoPro camera to attach to his bike and his helmet to capture video footage of himself riding, after seeing some of the footage of what these tiny things can capture I was adamant that I had to get one!

As you know Photography is primarily my main love but I have also been strangely drawn to the idea of filming things too, especially timelapses of sunrises and things, well the Hero 4 Gopros can do that at the push of a button!


The GoPro HERO 4 Black edition

Well here it is the HERO 4 Black edition , it comes with a fully shockproof and waterproof (rated waterproof down to 40m) case which has the bottom that attaches with a threaded bolt to various different mountings. The package contains two mounting pads one curved  (for helmets) one flat and various extension pieces to get you started.

There is a huge range of accessories available for the Gopro series of cameras making them extremely versatile little tools.

Great for outdoor action fans who want to record their activities, or equally as a handy pocket camera for family snaps on vacations holidays or days out!


My beautiful wife and daughter on a recent weekend away

They can record up to 4k video at up to 30fps and 1080p at up to 120fps for smooth slo-mo playbacks .It also takes very good looking 12mp stills, there is no raw or .dng type file option so that would have to be a thumbs down from me but this isn’t the reason I wanted this. I wanted this for its versatility , I can use it for timelapses, for snorkeling, surfing and any other fun frolics that I often get up to.

Below is a link to a quick film made whilst testing out the surfboard mount kit and attempting to surf at Polzeath this week. The mount failed after 5 minutes but I believe it was my mount positioning that was the reason for the failure. The camera was saved by the safety tether that comes in the kit.


Polzeath surfing film

Another nice thing for me is that the camera sensor is identical to the camera sensor on my drone (that’s a Sony Exmor sensor) , so matching the video clips together is very easy and everything looks uniform.

Right I have started to ramble I like to get to the point about things and tell it like it is!.

I’ll try to keep this short………..


Amazing versatility (On foot, bike, on or in water, in the air, in a vehicle these things will go everywhere)

Unrivalled video quality for price (smooth frame rates + crisp and sharp image)

Amazingly wide angled lens

Easy to use

Nice 12mp Still photos

Great build quality


Shocking battery life

No built in screen (you can use the mobile or tablet app to view image)

Oh and did I tell you about the terrible battery life!

The battery life on this camera is absolutely atrocious it is very very disappointing but thankfully there are plenty of third party manufacturers of the batteries so they are readily available and cheap to purchase on ebay or amazon.

The screen would have been nice but if you must have a screen you can purchase a bacpac addon lcd touch screen that clips on to the go pro , or like I said it has built in wifi that will connect to your phone or tablet via the app and you can view the image or video on your device.

The Hero 4 Black edition is available for around £300 in the uk at present

The Hero 5 has been released recently and that’s another action camera worthy of a look.

This simply is the most fun camera I have ever owned and If I had the money I would buy lots and stick them everywhere! I haven’t even got close to using this thing to its full potential yet but that is something that I WILL definitely be doing soon.

Watch this space………..

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